Better control, Easy to use and Scalability

Our platforms distinguish themselves most by making intuitive trading sense. This is because they are the results of hours of collaboration between our staff of technologists and traders. Not only do we invent our products to empower your trading success.We are also able to move quickly in developing new products and upgrading current releases. Each day, we learn more about our customers needs, opportunities for innovation and how we can make our products the latest and best possible in the market.Consistent user interface with multiple methods of interaction, including icons, drop-down menus and keyboard shortcuts.”Workspace” metaphor with multiple tabbed workspaces divided into one or more internal frames. Frames can be pulled into external windows.

We have also emphasized a display that gives you all the visual information, such as market feeds and positions.

Our multi-asset trading platforms provide comprehensive, real-time information pertinent to an active trader who has to make critical decisions in short amounts of time.

The platforms include automated trading strategies, advanced risk and portfolio management, among other features.