Automate your Technical Analysis and Algorithams

You have a trading strategy that you have refined over time and it’s working. But you believe you can make it even more effective—especially by automate it using trading platform to perform exactly as you’d like it.Your platform needs to be customized to your specific needs, your trading style and your top-secret strategy. “Resolute SoftTech” can do this.

We’ve developed Custom Trading Solutions for clients who are today maximizing their results and minimizing their risks compared to their previous trading strategies.

We can do this because our modular architecture allows customers to increase the functionality of the platform. Our custom development services are a cost effective way for individual clients to develop their specialized trading and analytical solutions.

Low Latency and Custom Connectivity

Our platforms are both highly automated and easily customized, providing high efficiency and low latency in your trading.Our highly scalable adapter system eliminates complex exchange connections, providing seamless integration with any global market destination or data feed through FIX or API.Market and order adapters can be continuously added to scale connectivity to any number of data sources and execution venues.


Our engines are very lightweight, enabling heavy processing with minimal drain on the CPU. Engine are designed to minimize the computational burden of updating the market data streams into the engine, reducing CPU workload and decreasing processing-time latency. The engine runs entirely in memory for latency optimization. This results in consistent low-latency trade executions, regardless of the number and complexity.